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✨ Congratulations! You're finally an Apprentice Mage ✨
You're just one step closer to becoming a Master.

Travel the land, craft magical items, and duel other Mages. All with the help of your cute magical familiars - the Maegas.

A magic apprenticeship only lasts 4 years.
Can you prove you have what it takes to become a Master Mage in such a short time?

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Buy and upgrade homes that you'll be able to customize to your liking.

Use the Maegas you gather to learn new magical abilities that you can use in duels.

Discover and capture tons of new Maega as you explore the land.

Use what you learn to navigate the environment! Mages know no borders.

Craft powerful magical items and useful potions to help on your journey to become a Master Mage.

You're not alone; make friends and build relationships with people you meet along the way!

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Terra Maega is a ~ solo-made game ~ and it takes a lot of time to make on my own! 😳
You can follow along with updates on the game while the game is still in development:

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